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We deliver turn key systems for rapid implementation of robust,

scalable pathology imaging workflow into your laboratory.

A Comprehensive Laboratory Imaging Platform

With a combination of macro-imaging and other imaging products, we help create a case-specific, flexible and comprehensive image archiving platform.

VividPath PACS Database

VividPath is designed specifically for pathologists.


With an intuitive interface, touchscreen and voice control, VividPath is designed for easy use, both in the laboratory and at your desk. It can acquire images from various imaging modalities : gross images, slide images, X-ray, CT or MRI scans.

It can be used to capture, view, annotate, report and store images within a dedicated, secure database.

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PathLite range

Our macro imaging range is an ideal solution as part of a gross imaging station.


PathLite is a robust standalone unit, easily installed and ideal for macro image acquisition. Read more..


PathLite Compact is a lightweight mobile macro-imaging system. Perfect for limited space. Read more..


We can provide dedicated cameras for use in microscopic imaging.


Poviding a means of digitally capturing microscopic images from a camera mounted on the phototube and can be controlled within Vivipath software for image aquisition

The image acquisition can be controlled from the computer using VividPath software. Our micro imaging solutions coupled with Vividpath software give an all-round image analysis capability integrated seamlessly into your laboratory workflow.

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See features of interest clearly on screen. View multiple modalities in the same viewer.



Store images locally or save to a dedicated image server or PACS.



Capture the images you need clearly and sharply. Capture the associated metadata.



Have access to review, report and share information anywhere across the network. Changes to data can be traced and accounted for.




Mark sites of interest, section lines, cassette locations, measurements etc..



Stored images can be used for teaching, training purposes and individual BMS work portfolios


Why use a Dedicated Imaging System?



Workflow efficiency:

PathLite is always ready..
  • Integrated and configured to laboratory workflow
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Common capture and viewer software
  • PC connection/network connection
  • Medical grade touchscreen (keep your gloves on)
  • Push/pull data to and from LIS/dedicated PACS
  • Configurable access control

Reduce costs

Work quicker, smarter, cleaner...
  • Save time
  • Automate data entry
  • Laboratory / departmental / remote access where allowed
  • Reduce paper dependency
  • Consult and review from your desktop
  • Add to studies as necessary

Ease and speed of access

Standardise workflow and methodology..
  • Always there always ready
  • Automated hardware configuration
  • Indexed searching
  • Single viewer software for all users
  • Available across the network

Reduce data costs & storage requirements

Efficient use of data and proper handling is a must for future development..
  • Reduce the need for duplication.
  • Preserve original data.
  • Use INDEXED searches.
  • Minimise the potential for errors
  • Optimise IT
  • Review – report – collaborate digitally

Why use the DICOM format?

A health industry standard for many years..
  • DICOM has been a health industry standard for many years and is particularly well recognised in Radiology where it is prevalent globally.
  • The DICOM standard is not associated with any specific vendor.
  • All DICOM viewers should be able to view all DICOM format files regardless of modality.
  • ONE VIEWER for all healthcare formats means one piece of software for Multi-modal meetings, tumour board reviews etc.
  • DICOM has been optimised for data handling where large file sizes are involved.
  • Duplication is reduced, Metadata is embedded, and traceability is built in and speed and ease of access are optimised.

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