VividPath PACS

A user-friendly PACS solution and DICOM viewer


VividPath is an easy to use image acquisition, annotation and viewer software platform.

It has a dedicated PACS database, providing an ideal solution for digital image

sharing and archival across the laboratory network.

Designed for Pathologists

With VividPath, you can acquire, view, annotate, report and store images within a dedicated, secure database.

Easy to use

VividPath is workflow oriented. Its intuitive interface and touchscreen mean minimal steps to acquire images and metadata.


Versatile reporting

Vividpath allows you to export images into a report or to multiple image formats. You can output to Word or pdf format or save images to other PACS.

Secure and traceable

With Vividpath your case study images are stored in our secure database. Once stored data is secure and traceable.

DICOM and Multiple Imaging Modalities

VividPath PACS is designed for the digital storage, transmission and retrieval of medical images. VividPath can store and display digital images from various imaging modalities such as gross images, slide-images, X-ray, CT or MRI scans.

These images can be viewed, used for reporting and archived. A case study based on an image can be expanded, annotated and archived for later retrieval from the PACS database.

VividPath uses a key standard to ensure that you get inter-operability across different imaging modalities and systems in a seamless way. The standard is DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the current standard for medical imaging.

See VividPath PACS in action

Watch the adjacent to see how easy it is to use.

Vividpath Tutorials

Here are some short, quick and easy video tutorials on using VividPath.

Each tutorial provides a quick demo video of how to use aspects of Vividpath.

VividPath Explorer Window

This feature provides:

  • A customisable index seach
  • List of server and workstation locations

VividPath Acquisition Window

Vividpath is an icon-based interface to make it easy to capture gross images

  • Barcode reader accession identifier
  • Single button image capture
  • Easy controls for zoom, autofocus
  • Clipboard with image thumbnails

VividPath Viewing Window

This feature provides:

  • Easily accessible and customizable tools
  • DICOM overlay – full case information for display next to image
  • Layout of screen for single or multiple images
  • Thumbnails on clipboard for easy access to multiple images
  • Wide variety of annotation tools
  • Digital magnification/ rotation/ colour/ brightness adjustment functions
  • Voice notes can be recorded /palyed back during annotation

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