ULTRA Core Overview

Multi-discipline, Multi-facility, High volume and Scalable

Designed to streamline the operations of clinical laboratories by enabling quick and accurate access to patient information at a local and regional level.


Streamlines operations

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Ultra is designed to streamline the operations of clinical laboratories by enabling quick and accurate access to patient information at a local and regional level.

Quality with efficiency

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Running on any UNIX system, it is platform independent. Designed to have streamlined workflow, ULTRA allows laboratories to increase throughput & efficiency with no compromise on quality.

Management support

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ULTRA complies with all regulatory requirements of the regions in which it is installed. Access to statistics and ad-hoc reports provides the tools for better management of the organization.


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ULTRA allows for great complexity and multi-laboratory differences within a single database. Configuration is user friendly and delivers great flexibility to the client and the ability to localize requirements.

All routine lab tasks are managed – order entry, result entry, barcodes, paper-free microbiology, cytology, user-definable reports, auto-faxing, remote printing and analyser interfaces. Integrated billing, HIS and practice management interfaces are also available.

Additional options include ad-hoc reporting, document scanning, advanced pathology with voice recognition, electronic billing, medical necessity and reference lab interfaces.


Comprehensive core functionality

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The Ultra Core system includes functionality for

  • Manual & automated order entry
  • Tracking
  • Contact management system
  • Viewing results via web-access console
  • Management reporting console

Powerful integration

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HL7 Configuration

ULTRA LIS has a fully integrated table driven, easy to configure HL7 interface module. Able to do Order Entry / Results Delivery and B2B data exchange in all versions of HL7, the application allows for localizations and segment definitions as required.

Tools are provided to easily manage and review the system, ensuring any error messages, or system issues (including external systems not accepting messages) are promptly highlighted to the administrators.

ULTRA will accept HL7 Orders from Hospital Information Systems (including ADT – Admission, Discharge and Transfer), Point of Care Systems, other LIS or LIS Modules or other external systems as required. Ultra will transmit HL7 Orders, Results (Final or Interim) or HIS Updates as required. Ultra HL7 Module allows for Test mapping to external systems’ tests.  Results can be sent as discreet or text format (or both).

Functionality Overview


Standard Features

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  • Multi-Site Functionality
  • Chemistry
  • Hematology
  • Quality Control
  • Patient Order/Entry
  • Specimen Collection and Processing
  • Result Entry
  • Reflex Orders
  • ULTRA Complete Tracking and Audit
  • Patient Result Inquiry
  • Patient Result Reporting

  • Validation and Approval
  • Auto Faxing of Reports
  • Telephone Management System
  • ULTRA Client Management System
  • Management Reporting
  • Workload Statistics
  • Security System
  • Interpretive Diagnostic Reporting
  • ULTRA Expert System
  • Extensive long-term storage of data
  • Live system backup

Order Administration

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Patient Order Entry

  • Order entry via the HL7 interface from a foreign system and/or entered manually into ULTRA
  • Medical Necessity Checking and Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) production
  • Diagnostic dictionary coupled with integration with Order/Visit functionality for entry and storage of diagnosis at the patient ordered procedure level
  • Rapid search of previously registered patients by name, Medicare number or medical record number
  • Comprehensive audit tracking function records changes to patient demographics or request information
  • Test entry by panel code, description or pseudonyms
  • Immediate result entry for key pre-testing requirements (e.g., antibiotics, anticoagulants)
  • Fully supported standing orders for patients and commercial accounts

Specimen Collection and Processing

  • Scheduled or on-demand collection lists
  • Viewing of outstanding collections
  • Collection, test, aliquot and dispatch labels
  • Patient information, location, test order, container type, volume requirements and specimen handling instruction are listed on labels
  • Specimen tracking follows movement of specimens from collection to specimen disposal

Result Entry

  • Online, networked interfaces to laboratory instruments
  • User-definable worklists
  • Efficient batch entry for repetitive results
  • Automatic entry of default results
  • Coded and free text comments fully supported
  • Optional validity checking during result entry
  • Multi-level reference ranges

Optional Features

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  • ULTRA Microbiology
  • ULTRA Pathology/Cytology
  • ULTRA Accounts Receivable
  • HL7 Compliant Interfaces to HIS and other foreign systems
  • Instrument Interfaces
  • Robotics Integration
  • Voice Technology supported
  • Web-based Inquiry

Management Console

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Patient Result Inquiry and Reporting

  • Online system provides instantaneous review of patient result status
  • “Hot Key” or Mouse-Click for access to patient inquiry from any screen in system
  • Rapid access using any patient demographic combinations
  • Automatic reference range reporting
  • Report formats with headers and footers are user-definable, modifiable and menu-driven
  • Multiple report formats supported (ie: different formats for individual doctors)
  • Printer features user-definable and modifiable

Telephone Management System

  • User-defined call criteria
  • Requested phoned/fax, by order or individual test
  • Doctor specified tests (e.g., All PTTs to be called to Dr. X)
  • Telephone filtering system specific to doctor, ward/clinic/collection centre or patient type
  • All relevant data capture with person calling, date/time, recipient and message comments

Management Reporting

  • System comes equipped with standard Work-Aid Documents (e.g., Pending Report) and Management Reports (e.g., Turn Around Time Report)
  • Fully ODBC compliant for ad-hoc report creation and generation
  • Supports all off the shelf report writers (e.g., Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, SQL)
  • Reports can be printed on demand or scheduled to print periodically
  • Pending/outstanding test report by lab, department and/or test
  • Day sheets with orders by client and/or location.
  • Tracking and analysis (orders/billing/payments)
  • Exception reports (e.g., sudden increase/decrease in referrals)
  • Turnaround time reports
  • Report of test referred for each reference laboratory

Workload Statistics

  • Automatic capture of workload information
  • Statistics tracked by department, patient type, shift, period, year and patient.

Security System

  • User controlled menus by individual or group logins
  • Validation of results controlled by login security level
  • Access to confidential results restricted by login security level
  • Remote access restricted by collection centre or doctor within an individual login
  • Automatic timeout if screen is idle for certain period of time
  • User password control
  • All result inquiries can be tracked by user ID

Billing and Maintenance

  • Unlimited, user-defined price schedules-test
  • User-defined bundling of charge/CPT codes by payer
  • Optional interfaces to accounting systems for invoice creation and charge posting
  • Reports are site-specific and utilize SQL and report generators

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