As part of our focus on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we thought we would highlight how some of our innovative imaging products are playing a vital role in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Corelite, an X-Ray imaging system, was developed by the Cirdan team to enable rapid verification of microcalcifications from breast core biopsy procedures. Due to its compact design and incorporation of high-resolution imaging technology, Corelite can be situated at the point of patient care meaning that biopsy samples can be imaged and analysed by the surgeon right there and then without the need for the sample to be sent to a different location for analysis. From a patient perspective the immediate availability of results, without them having to be sent away, can reduce the stress and anxiety faced during this procedure.

Corelite was launched in 2018 and can now be found in leading healthcare centres across the world at the point of care in this crucial phase of breast specimen imaging.



See CoreLite in action below.