Cirdan is delighted to announce the successful installation of its cutting-edge Laboratory Information System (LIS), ULTRA 4.5, at the University Health Network’s Laboratory Medicine Program (LMP). UHN’s LMP is the largest hospital diagnostic lab in Canada and one of the largest academic labs in the world.

Nearly every patient that goes through UHN’s four hospitals is impacted by the lab, and the recent deployment of ULTRA 4.5 has ultimately enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations.

Commenting on the impact made by the upgrade, Peter Woo, Manager, Lab Information Systems, UHN Digital said:

“With ULTRA 4.5, performance is much better and our overall workflow processes are moving quicker.”

The successful installation process was undoubtedly helped along by the strong collaboration between the UHN and Cirdan teams. Peter Woo said:

“Cirdan support during testing has been great. Its team has been available as needed and Cirdan staff have been flexible in accommodating us through various unexpected delays. Since ‘Go Live,’ customer support has continued to be effective and overall the lab team has been very pleased with the upgrade.”

Cirdan CEO, Hugh Cormican added:

“We are thrilled to have rolled out ULTRA 4.5 to UHN and to hear such positive feedback.  As a company, we have invested heavily in developing ULTRA. It is not the same GE product that we purchased back in 2013. We are committed to continued investment in ULTRA and it has been designed to evolve as the clinical and technological requirements of pathology laboratories change.  It is a pleasure to see UHN benefit from the developments that we have made.”