Pathology Horizons is an annual open conference organised and sponsored by Cirdan on what lies ahead in Pathology.

The inaugural conference was 5-7 November 2015 on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia. The objective is to give delegates the  chance to learn about the potential impacts and challenges of new diagnostic and informatics technologies on pathology. From the interactions and dialogue between the participants plus the excellent quality of presentations, those aims were well met  on Fraser Island.

If you are interested in attending the 2016 event, the dates are 15-17 September and it will be held in Galway, Ireland. Please email to pre-register your interest.

To get a taster of the 2015 event please view the short video at the top of he page.

The presentations for the 2015 event are now available below ( the password is Cirdan).

Theme: Advances in Diagnostics: 

Speaker: Dr Anthony Gill |Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW (TBC)
Title: Lessons learnt for pathologists from the International Cancer Genome Consortium
Anthony Gill:

Speaker : Prof. Manuel Salto-Tellez | Queens University Belfast
Title: Personalised Medicine and the Future of Tissue Pathology
Manuel Salto-Tellez
Theme: Data Analytics for Pathology

Speaker: Ronan Herlihy | Clinical Excellence Commission and eHealth NSW
Title: Engaging Clinicians with Data on their ordering practices
Ronan Herlihy

Speaker: Dr Damian Fogarty | Consultant Nephrologist, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust
Title: Pathology in the era of Connected Health: linking patients outcomes and data
Damian Fogarty

Speaker: Dr. Malcolm Pradhan | Alcidion Corporation
Title: Integrating Pathology with Clincial Decision support & future impacts of deep learning development
Malclom Pradhan

 Theme: Pathology Imaging

Speaker: Dr David Snead | Head of the UHCW NHS Trust Digital Pathology Centre of Excellence
Title:The use of digital pathology in the primary diagnosis of histopathology samples
David Snead

Speaker: Prof. Peter Hamilton | PathXL & Queens University Belfast
Title: Next generation Imaging and Computer Vision in Pathology: pipedream or reality?
Peter Hamilton

Speaker: Dr. Christine Swarbrick | Speciality Doctor, Cellular Pathology, Craigavon Hospital
Title: Pathology Imaging System – a User’s Perspective and wishlist for the future
Christine Swarbrick

Theme: Pathology Informatics

Speaker: Colin Truesdale, Evolve of Kainos
Title: Bringing everyone together for efficient, better care
Colin Truesdale

Speaker: Peter O’Halloran |The National Blood Authority of Australia
Title: Interfacing, automation and the internet of things – the digital disruption of transfusion laboratories is happening now
Peter O’Halloran