Representatives from Inspirata and Cirdan meet as their new technical partnership is announced at Digital Pathology and AI Congress 2019, London

Inspirata and Cirdan announce new technical partnership at the Digital Pathology and AI Congress 2019 (DPC), London designed to empower NHS clinical laboratories accelerate their use of digital pathology.

Today saw cancer informatics and digital pathology provider, Inspirata announce a new partnership with laboratory information systems (LIS) and medical-imaging leader, Cirdan. The new partnership focuses on deepening the level of technical integration between the two organisations. Revealing this exciting development at the Digital Pathology and AI Congress (DPC) in London, Inspirata and Cirdan aim to make it easier for UK clinical laboratories to adopt and benefit from digitising their histopathology workflow, enabling them to capitalise on the opportunities for improved patient outcomes presented through innovations such as AI.

Against a backdrop of recommendations made in the Carter Report 2006 and more recently complemented by The Topol Review examination of how to prepare for a digital future, and fresh funding for AI in pathology through Innovate UK initiatives, the need for full interoperability between clinical laboratories has become even more significant.

“While we are all hugely enthusiastic and excited by the opportunities presented by AI in pathology, it is imperative that we do not lose sight as healthcare and technology providers of the important foundational pieces that need to be put in place for genuine practical advances in this area,” says Inspirata EVP and Founder Mark Lloyd.

Our partnership with Cirdan reflects our shared appetite to remove the technical barriers to interoperability and in doing so play our own part in seeing us arrive more quickly as a clinical community at the large volumes of imaging data necessary for a real break-through in computational pathology.”

The technical partnership primarily sees Inspirata and Cirdan use standardised Health Level 7 (HL7) messaging to link Inspirata’s digital pathology workflow solution Dynamyx™ to Cirdan’s award-winning ULTRA LIS.  At a practitioner level, this bi-directional interface ensures the pathologist has immediate access to all necessary results, notes and file attachments relating to a given case, assisting them in arriving at their diagnosis within the digitised workflow.  At an institutional level it enables the laboratory to execute against patient case turnaround time targets by providing end-to-end visibility of case throughput for performance benchmarking, backlog forecasting and quality assurance. Addressing both use-cases significantly eases the adoption and change management challenges of digitisation. The technical partnership will also see Inspirata explore integration with Cirdan’s world-class imaging solutions.

“Having arrived at a tipping point in which most healthcare providers are now bought into the merits of embracing digital pathology, the onus is on us to work with similarly-minded vendors to make the transition to digital easier,” details Tim Wing, General Manager for Europe.

“Cirdan’s ULTRA LIS and imaging solutions are market-leading technologies backed by a talented and proactive support team.  We’re thrilled to partner with Cirdan and that the open nature of our respective platforms has made it so easy for us to do so.”

Commenting on the partnership with Inspirata, Jackie Devine, Head of Cirdan Commercial Operations said, “We are excited about the tangible value partnering with Inspirata will bring to pathologists. With the Digital Pathology and LIS integration, pathologists will be able to have a holistic view of their cases with patient information and history, associated tests, specimen details, reports and images all linked.  This will support effective case reporting in a safe and efficient manner.  The linked information will also act as a valuable resource for future research and AI to further improve clinical decision-making.”

About Cirdan 

Cirdan is a leading provider of innovative software and imaging solutions that enhance and speed up the diagnosis of patients. Headquartered in the UK with offices in Canada and Australia, Cirdan is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of laboratory information systems worldwide and one of the fastest growing UK LIS providers.

The award-winning ULTRA LIS is one of the most widely used LIS solutions in the Australasian region. It is deployed in numerous prestigious and diverse healthcare organisations throughout the world and is currently helping to increase efficiency and streamline operations in over 70 clinical laboratories across six continents.

About Inspirata Europe

Inspirata Europe Limited helps patients fighting cancer—and the clinicians they trust—to make every moment matter. Our comprehensive cancer informatics solutions bring disparate data together throughout the entire cancer care journey to drive informed decisions that improve survivorship.

Inspirata has assembled the most advanced and proven technologies to address the complex challenges of delivering cancer care and conducting ground-breaking research. We combine leading digital pathology solutions with automated cancer registry solutions, comprehensive cancer informatics and advanced patient engagement tools to bring users the broadest oncology informatics platform available globally.