Digital macro imaging is a rapidly developing area within the pathology workflow and can impact all areas and users, from lab workers, biomedical scientists, clinical scientists, pathologists through to the patients themselves. Systems can be used to capture macro-images during cut-up for use within reports, for training purposes or training portfolios. Until recently the equipment used has been standard off-the-shelf cameras which are occasionally modified to meet a need.  However, using specialist equipment designed to fit the application and workflow, ensures images are standardised, accessible and traceable. When properly integrated with the users’ network or LIMS and image storage systems such as PACS or VNA’s, they can improve workflow through the lab, add value to reports and allow for the easy sharing of information across a network.

This workshop will cover how a macro-imaging system can be integrated within the Pathology workflow, the benefits of using digital imaging and how this can help provide future-proof laboratories. It will cover the integration of an imaging system within the pathology laboratory, how it might work for the gross imaging of samples and look at some actual case studies where digital imaging has been integrated into cellular pathology settings in the UK.

Where: IBMS Congress – ICC Birmingham
When: Monday 23rd September 2019
Time: 14:00-15:30

Cirdan will have a booth at the IBMS conference where you are more than welcome to join us and learn more about Cirdan. You can set up a meeting in advance by emailing 

Stand: 924
Hall: 4

We look forward to seeing you there!