This week for #National Pathology Week we are looking towards the future of Pathology by exploring the clinical innovations Cirdan provides to support this important service. We are delighted to introduce Cirdan Collect, a sample collection application which provides a step-by-step guided digital workflow to assist with positive patient identification and deliver critical information on collecting samples such as, which containers to use, order of draw, and what quantities are required.

Cirdan Collect harnesses the power of a Lab Information System (LIS) to streamline the sample collection process.

Traditional processes have largely focused on a paper-based collection method with each site having their own combination of pre-analytical problems. In this case, the collection process has been upgraded. The application offers an intuitively guided digital workflow ensuring the correct containers have been drawn in the correct order for that test to be performed. The risk of sample rejection is reduced, ultimately ensuring a high standard of patient care.

Previously there have been several hurdles when accessing clinical data. End users required multiple logins across platforms with systems requiring comprehensive HL7 integration links to ‘communicate’ with each other. Now with the option of remote access on mobile devices, collectors can manage their collections more efficiently, assign analyser ready barcode labels to collection tubes and perform functions that would have previously been done directly by the laboratory. Building an application upon the latest interoperability standards, Cirdan Collect can be harnessed in any location including Home Collections, GP Practises and Hospital Sites and communicate with other clinical systems.

Past and present clinical environments have worked largely in silos with an ambiguity in understanding each other’s pain points or workflows. By improving communication between the collection site and the lab environment, we can ensure that each environment has the information they need by capturing all collection details along with collection notes and transferring this information to the LIS in real time.

The future of pathology includes breaking down these virtual walls to create a harmonious digital environment, we are delighted to be at the forefront of bringing this development to laboratories across the globe.

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