Despite the addition of some ancillary tests, the fundamental techniques and basic morphological approaches to diagnosis employed in the diagnostic surgical pathology laboratory have not changed in more than 100 years.

Haematology and biochemistry laboratories and, more recently, microbiology and genomic laboratories, have undergone tremendous automation with subsequent efficiency dividends. Despite the obvious appeal of ‘omics’ technologies, such approaches have been virtually impossible to introduce into anatomical pathology, perhaps because the art of morphology has always been a whole of patient or omics approach. Of note, omics approaches have consistently missed some of the most basic morphologic patterns of disease, many of which have profound clinical importance.

During his lecture at Pathology Horizons 2017 Prof. Anthony Gill  introduced and discussed the concept of ‘Morphologomics’ that is omics approaches critically reimagined and reappraised from the viewpoint of classic morphology. View lecture below.

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