The development and maintenance of a Laboratory Information System (LIS) involves input from many different types of roles within Cirdan and outside of it. For example Software Developers, Technical Architects, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Customer Support, UX Specialists, Lab Analysts and of course our customers all play a vital role in the development process of the LIS, to ensure both it’s viability and capability to meet the needs of end users adequately.

However, within development there are even more specific roles involved in building a ‘best of breed’ LIS- Test Engineers, Design Team, Release Managers, Front/Back-End Developers…therefore the need for collaboration is essential in bringing all these specialities together to make sure they work in harmony and are guided by a holistic approach. This is where our Scrum Master Paul comes in:

“I’m Paul, I’m the Scrum Master and Agile Coach at Cirdan. I work for the development teams, the product owners and senior management, supporting them in delivering the best possible solution for our customers.

Working closely with development teams, I try to remove blockers and empower people to make the right decisions in order to delight our customers. Our agile approach lets us deliver quality solutions quickly whilst still being able to pivot our development plans quickly in the face of ever changing user need.

Our aim, the right solution at the right time for the right customer.”

Some words to describe Paul as a Scrum Master: Positive, collaborative, inclusive, relationship builder, mentor…and in the words of Paul “the glue that holds the world together”…

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