PathLite Compact

Macro Imaging System

Making pathology service delivery easier

PathLite Compact

Macro Imaging System

Making pathology service delivery easier

A purpose built system designed specifically for gross imaging within clinical laboratories.

Save time and improve productivity

It will automate and simplify tasks enabling you to focus on what you do best – Pathology.

Enhance accuracy and reduce the risk of errors

The availability of high quality images removes the need for lengthy text descriptions and hand drawings, leaving less room for error.

Flexible and customisable

This light-weight unit can be placed wherever you want it in the lab and at a range of heights.


The PathLite Compact will not only save you money, but save you valuable time too.

Data is easy to access, share and fully traceable

Cirdan’s VividPath software platform allows images to be accessed wherever and whenever needed. They can be shared easily for teaching, research or second opinion purposes. Full traceability ensures compliance with best practice.

PathLite Compact comes pre-loaded with the VividPath software Platform.


Key Features


  • High resolution – 20x optical magnification ensures the picture quality you need.
  • LED lighting – built in for consistent image quality even in badly lit laboratories.
  • Glare removal – polarisation filters to reduce/remove glare from wet specimens.
  • 1-touch calibration – takes under a minute and no need to recalibrate. Ensures reliable measurement at all zoom levels.
  • Selection of user friendly control interfaces – touch screen, keyboard, mouse, foot pedal.
  • Full range of medical grade accessories, including 17” touch screen PC.
  • DICOM Compliant Imaging as standard.
  • LIMS/LIS and PACS integration.

Case Study

Southampton leads the way in macro digital pathology imaging

University Hospital Southampton (UHS), a global digital centre of excellence and a leader in NHS IT, purchased five PathLite systems to be integrated with their Sectra PACS and installed on their grossing workstations. 

“We have had two PathLite systems in operation for some time now. Image acquisition and retrieval is straightforward and reliable; the ability to annotate pictures is helpful where there are complex specimens.Technical support is fast and faultless.”

Pathology Consultant, National Maternity Hospital, Dublin

View images below of PathLite Compact on Grossing Benches

PathLite Compact on a Kugel Bench
KUGEL Grossing - CIRDAN Camera
PathLite Compact on a Bio Optica Bench
bio optica bench 2
PathLite Compact on a Thermo Fisher Bench
Thermo fisher bench
Stand Alone
stand alone

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