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  • Evolve Integrated Care healthcare platform
  • Evolve ePCR for Ambulance Care

Evolve Integrated Care Platform

Speedy transformation to Mobile-Enabled healthcare delivery
powering innovative solutions.  Evolve brings patient centric information direct to the clinician, GP or community care worker. An enabler for new levels of quality Mobile-Enabled healthcare

Evolve ePCR for Ambulance Care

Enabling emergency responder teams to capture critical information.

This intuitive solution provides information capture whilst online and offline. Even when no connection to home base is present, information can still be transferred.


Evolve Integrated Care Platform


  • Patient-centric and comprehensive

  • Mobile-Enabled healthcare

  • Vendor agnostic integration

  • HL7, FHIR and more..

  • Develop and deploy quickly

  • Protect current investment

Evolve is the Mobile-Enabled Healthcare platform offered by Cirdan. Evolve solves a range of healthcare delivery challenges.  It allows healthcare solutions to be quickly developed and deployed using sophisticated tools to integrate custom forms with workflows to meet clinician’s needs.

Deployable on-premise or in the cloud, it can meet the needs of a wide range of customer and partner organisations and deployment requirements.

With emphasis on integration using existing and emerging standards such as HL7, FHIR and an open API allowing bespoke app development. The platform is powering innovative solutions to join people and information together to provide new levels of quality healthcare.

Evolve brings together patient centric information direct to the clinician, GP or community care worker to provide new levels of quality healthcare. Its core power is bringing mobility and multi-faceted integration tools such as HL7 and FHIR to connect to existing healthcare platforms, so your current investment is protected.

Evolve IC enables the aggregation of patient records and identifiers from multiple IT systems and healthcare providers under a single patient identity. Mobile-enabled access to information at the point of care empowers patients and their loved ones to contribute to the care record through Evolve IC’s clinical care portal.

Evolve ePCR Ambulance Care


  • For when time is critical

  • Powerful collaboration

  • Easy to use

  • Online or offline

For emergency incident response teams time is critical, accuracy and collaboration are key. Supporting information systems need to be intuitive, responsive, even when communications networks are unreliable.

The Evolve Electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) for Ambulance Care enables emergency responder teams to capture accurate incident and patient information via our Mobile-Enabled Healthcare solution for iPad.

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