In recent years, advances in the field of diagnostic medicine have provided enormous benefits to patients with cancer.  However, the increase in complexity of new testing modalities in pathology and radiology has also led to new challenges in gathering all essential information and forming a coherent diagnostic message for a given case.

Opportunities for optimal patient care may be lost, and diagnostic errors might not be prevented, without a formal integration of the various testing modalities in pathology and radiology.  During his presentation at Pathology Horizons 2018, Dr. Wallace will discuss the challenges of pathology and radiology correlation in the current diagnostic paradigm and the numerous opportunities for improved workflows and patient outcomes with an effective diagnostic integration process.

Dr. W. Dean Wallace  is a Professor of Pathology at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine in Los Angeles, California. He is the chief of pulmonary and renal pathology services and is recognised as an expert in the fields of transplant pathology and lung cancer diagnostics. Dr. Wallace is also the Director of the UCLA Telepathology and Digital Pathology Centre and co-led the team that created the innovative, first of its kind, Integrated Diagnostic Report (IDR) that combines multiple radiology and pathology studies into one dynamic reporting platform. Dr. Wallace has authored several dozen peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and was lead editor of a textbook in the field of transplant pathology.

Why attend Pathology Horizons?

The conference is set to be another interesting and extremely informative event with a range of top international speakers demonstrating the power of new technologies, updates on procedural developments and valuable new lines of research – all in a relaxed and open atmosphere! Unlike other larger pathology events, Pathology Horizons is a boutique conference with one conference stream, which allows you to interact and network fully with the delegates and speakers. The conference is also CPD certified and has been awarded with 9 CPD credits by The Royal College of Pathologists.

Some other topics from speakers include: 

  • Artificial intelligence and what it means for healthcare and patholgy
  • Liquid biopsy and what it can do for detecting/treating ovarian cancer
  • Virtual and augmented reality in digital pathology
  • Genome sequencing as a diagnostic aid

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Pathology Horizons 2018

Lough Erne Resort, N. Ireland

13-15th September