“My name is Jessica & I am one of the people who act as a bridge between Cirdan’s customers and the developers who build ULTRA Laboratory Information System (LIS). I focus on understanding the requirements of the product, breaking these down into bite-sized instructions so that the developers can transfer and implement into ULTRA. In Agile software development, these requirements are known as ‘User-stories’.

Flexibility for changing requirements based on priority is critical. An Agile environment allows us to implement ‘User-stories’ based on what customers need, instead of what we think they need.

By working as part of a design team, we use a number of techniques to do this. Understanding the overall area will require storyboarding techniques. Creating the user-stories and ensuring the developers have the customer information they need requires runway meetings and workload planning. Finally, to ensure we’ve got it right – Cirdan’s Community of Practice provide feedback as we move through the process.

Here at Cirdan, we believe that the customer is key to creating the best products on the market. We like to listen.”

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