Cirdan ULTRA is a dedicated Laboratory Information System (LIS)/Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). ULTRA meets the needs of high throughput, multi-site laboratories with complex requirements, from single discipline laboratories to large multi-lab organisations with advanced specimen routing requirements. ULTRA is designed for high volume data entry and minimal user input.

ULTRA can be delivered as either an on-premise solution or hosted on the cloud. Many laboratories today are seeking a Cloud service, due to the resilience and reliability a managed service provides.



  • End-to-end clinical, analytical, managerial solution for all laboratory disciplines.
  • Secure with role based Access control and Full Audit Facilities.
  • Integration with analysers from your chosen vendors.
  • Specialist laboratory modules work standalone or fully integrated.
  • Image Integration including your chosen Digital Pathology scanners.
  • Comprehensive interoperability for external systems including EHR, Registries, Order Comms.
  • Billing/costing information integrated with a variety of finance packages.
  • Customisation of features including Management Reporting using BIRT.
  • Support 24/7 with access to Subject Matter Experts.
  • Training packages for clinicians, scientists, pathologists, administrators, IT staff


  • Scale from small/single discipline to multi-lab/multi-discipline/100Mill tests per year.
  • Secure for data at rest/in transit (confirms to ISO/IEC 27001).
  • Rapid on-boarding process with training and configuration service supplied.
  • Accessible readily from any device with an internet web browser.
  • Holistic process with personalized/departmental dashboards and full audit trails.
  • Management Intelligence and Data Analytics Reporting Tools as standard.
  • Can support a laboratory with their ISO 15189 Regulatory compliance.
  • Cloud hosting provides advanced fail-over, resilience and disaster recovery.
  • Inclusive of managed services for system support, maintenance and updates.
  • Proactive monitoring tools as standard to ensure peak performance.

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